I have a nephew who is a passionate supporter of one candidate for President. I support another candidate for President. And I have a friend who supports yet another candidate for President.

I consider all three of us to be good, smart, thoughtful people. We’re also very different people. We see the world through lenses that have been shaped by our unique experiences.

As good, smart and thoughtful as we are, it’s amazing how quickly our interactions about current politics can spin up into borderline-high drama. Whenever that happens, I leave those interactions feeling uncomfortable. Not because I’m an apologist for my views, but because I see how I let my biases and emotions get the best of me.

Passion and conviction are great. Strong disagreement is fine. Casting aspersions on the worth and value of those with differing views is neither great nor fine.

As politics continue to swirl with great energy and heat in coming months, being mindful in tense moments can help us and others.

Be quiet.
Be still.
Notice your body.
Observe your thoughts.
Allow the heat to cool.

And with the clarity that follows, then speak. Or maybe don’t speak. Give it a try.


Let’s discuss ways your business or organization can lead with mindfulness.

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  • Holly Norton

    Brilliant, Thomas! Thoughtful, and much needed. I look forward to following your new initiative.

  • Marilu

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me straight.

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